A Danny Phantom
Year Book Zine

Welcome to Casper High Year Book : A Danny Phantom Yearbook Zine. This is an unofficial fan-made publication dedicated to the lively faculty and student body of Amity Park’s very own Casper High

Current Status:
Pre Orders


Zine Specifications
100 page perfect bound physical bookFully colored year book style fanzineFeaturing 45+ artists and writersSplit profit and charity (TBD) modelDigital merchandise availablePhysical merchandise available as stretch goal


[May 30] Planning

👻 Application Period

[June 5] Interest check open
[July 5] Mod applications open
[July 11] Interest check close
[July 15] Interest check results
[July 20] Contributor applications open
[July 27] Mod applications close
[July 28] Mod Emails sent out
[August 10] Contributor applications close
[August 13] Contributor emails sent out

👻 Contribution Period

[August 15] Creation period starts
~[August 22] Pitches/Assignments finalized
~[September 18] Check in 1~
~[October 9] Check in 2~
[October 17] Pinch Hitters Contact
[November 15] Check in 3
[December 28] Final Pieces Due

👻 Production Period

[Jan 15, 2021] Pre Orders Open
[March 1, 2021] Pre Orders Close
Production Begins


A comprehensive FAQ can be found on this post here. For any additional questions or inquiries regarding this Danny Phantom zine, please use our Ask box or our Curious Cat.If reaching out for any business inquiries or regarding zine projects, feel free to send an email over at the address rainysoshizines.gmail.comSocial media links can be found below. Thank you for your time!